Task 42
Task 42
SHC Task 42

Compact Thermal Energy Storage

Task 42 - 7th Experts Meeting

March 26-29, 2012
Tokyo Institute of Technology
2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku
Tokyo 152-8550


The Seventh Experts Meeting of Task 42 /Annex 24 (4224) "Compact Thermal Energy Storage ? Material Development and System Integration", which is a joint activity of the Solar Heating and Cooling and the Energy Conservation through Energy Storage Implementing Agreement of the IEA will be held in Tokyo, Japan and hosted by the Heat Pump and Thermal Storage Technology Center of Japan (HPTCJ) on March 26-29, 2012.
For the performance of thermal energy storage systems their thermal energy and power density are crucial. Both criteria are strongly dependant on the materials used in the systems.  Although a number of thermal energy storage technologies have reached the prototype or demonstration system stage, a further improvement is needed to bring these systems onto the market. The development of improved materials for TES systems is necessary to achieve this. The step to improved thermal energy storage materials requires the collaboration of a large number of materials experts in both fundamental and applied research, together with experts in the application of the materials in components and systems for thermal energy storage.
Additionally, the extraction of more precise knowledge from pilot and demonstration projects concerning the real boundary conditions of the TES systems is necessary to create  a profile of requirements for the material properties. In a lot of cases these conditions are quite different from the assumptions made in the beginning of the development.
Very important for many applications is a high number of charging and discharging cycles of the TES system. Therefore the stability of all materials in the systems is a very important property. 
The worldwide R&D activities on novel materials for TES applications could be better coordinated. A lot of projects are focusing on the material problems related to their special application and have not adopted a wider approach to TES in general. The new 4224 will help to consolidate and focus the ongoing R&D activities in the different TES technologies.


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